UNPLUGGING! Peace Out Insta

I finally found out how to use the Explore button on Instagram and was all over that shit…I was checking Victorias Secret models, Chrissy Teigen, NBA players for AN ENTIRE HOUR. DAILY. Not okay. I mean some were okay, like those gym inspiration ones and random Asians (where do these random Asians come from on my explore button??). But it was ridiculous how much time I spent browsing people I do not know. So I logged out. I really wanted to uninstall, but I still want to post from time to time. But MAN I was on that explore button for a really long time, my phone was hot,  my battery drained…they made me want to be very rich and very not me. I hate you rich athletes and gorgeous models and white people with great brow lines to do the most beautiful eye shadow palettes.

I have to pay $60 a month, $30 with Izzie’s pitch in, for Internet that I don’t use. Ever. I am online the entire day at work so…when I go home, I cook, eat, wash my dishes, read (yes I’ve actually been reading again, paper books and I LOVE it),  work out, then sleep. I turn off my 3G and WiFi on my phone and just get GroupMe messages through texts. It’s quiet which I thought would bother me, but not really.

The ease of unplugging might be because Mike’s living with me for the time being, and he’s who I would use my internet to talk to anyway. Now though, I understand why people need to unplug…and I’m glad I’m picking up this habit at 22 before I’m 30 and a freaking cyberhumanbeing.

Azalea mentioned a library card… I’m seriously considering getting one, but I just really like owning books. But they’re getting expensive. Bah. Why does Amazon have tax?

Don’t Tumblr at 9am, this is what happens